On Deportations

In the situation which we are in right now it is really hard to raise our voices because of the stress and the fear for being the next one to receive a transfer or deportation letter.

This is the current situation of our brother Momodou Bah: he was put into prison in Bremen in order to be deported back to Italy.
And the German authorities know exactly what will be the consequences of this. Living in Italy as a black refugee means living in the streets. The Italian government does not take care of refugees that are deported back from other European countries, so people are living in the streets or in train stations and have to find a way to survive. This means being exploited as cheap illegal worker or even getting involved with the mafia in order to have a living. We experience extreme anti-black racism in Italy everyday. Living in the streets in Italy is life-threatening.

What would be helpful instead of deportations: Giving us the opportunities to go to school, learn a skill job and create a future. After all the struggles and risks we were exposed to do not deserve to be isolated or discriminated by the society. Not being able to rest after experiencing the trauma of the journey makes people lose their minds. The memories of the Sahara, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea, of the friends we have seen dying can be heartbreaking. We are all human beings. We have dreams and plans for our future, we want to make something of our lives without being forced into criminality. We flee from our countries because we don’t feel safe there. Desperation is the reason for us to take the risks of coming to Europe. We all have the right to a life in dignity, the chance to create our own future and to heal from the trauma we have experienced.

Deportations kill! Deportations have to stop! For the right to come and stay! Free Momodou Bah! Together we are Bremen!

Picture by Modou.