Ordnungsamt is once again undermining our protest against racial profiling of Standesamt

UPDATE: The court followed the opinion of Ordnungsamt. Our protest is not allowed later then 11.45 because of 2 marriages taking place. Make sure you come in time, make sure you come, this time more than ever your support is needed. We will not stop until the babies and the mothers get the papers. Papers for all! Solidarity will win.

ALERT: Right now our rally as planned for 22 June, 11am is not allowed by Ordnungsamt Bremen.

We have to wait for the decision of the Verwaltungsgericht on Monday.

This is the story behind: postponing our action to 22 June had the only effect that the Ordnungsamt once again decided against Versammlungsrecht. This time they suggest that we should protest with low volume early in the morning and then disappear during the peak office hours. This time we decided to go to court to seek legal decision on this disturbing affront.

What had happened before? Originally we planned and invited for a rally in front of Standesamt on the 14th of June but Ordnungsamt did not allow the assembly with a decision addressed to us only few hours earlier to the planned event. Therefore we had no other choice but to postpone.

Why did the Ordnungsamt not allow black women and their black German children to demonstrate for their right to receive a birth certificate with the fathers name on it as every other child would get? Their reasoning feels just like the same continuous slap in the face: our protest is seen as a possible disturbance of 1 marriage. Even the offer of the registering person to have a break during the moment when the couple would come out of the building was not changing their mind at all.

As we can see now with the second decision: it is not so much them caring about the marriages but rather a clear statement against Together we are Bremen and the Versammlungsrecht. But we will not shut up and disappear. What do they think mothers are supposed to do when their babies don`t get a birth-certificate? The answer is simple:

Continue to fight until the babies legally exist and get the future they deserve as any other baby in this country.

Already at our last rally in front of the Innensenat on the Women’s* Fight Day on March 8, 2021, the Ordnungsamt had tried to restrict our right to assemble by imposing numerous conditions, including prohibiting the use of the street and severely limiting the duration of the assembly. At that time, we had filed a lawsuit against the conditions and the Verwaltungsgericht ruled in our favor on all points.

Stay tuned about the outcome of this and support in solidarity: donations are needed…

Papers for all or no papers at all