Report on the camp Lindenstraße during Corona-Crisis


Deutsche Version des Berichts hier.

TWAB visited yesterday, 16th March 2020, people living in the first reception centre in Lindenstraße. At the moment, more than 700 people are located there. We listened to some of their voices to find out about the current situation in the camp. The following report shows: The permanent problems have worsened in times of corona-crises.

The problems in camp Lindenstraße are connected to basic human needs that are violated by the camp system. More now then ever, humanity is put to test. It’s crucial time to stand in solidarity for Lindenstraße. The living conditions are unimaginable, coupled with overcrowded rooms. Undoubtedly, this makes the residents most vulnerable.


The food service for example is not hygienic at all. It has never been and it is not especially since hygiene is considered more important than ever. „Everybody touches the bread when picking it out of the one bag in which it is delivered.“ reports one person. „One month ago, I complained at the AWO, I spoke to the cook, nothing has changed. Now, this has become really threatening.“ Also, people have to pick the food with the same knife, fork or spoon.

After our meeting at Lindenstraße, people report some changes: „We came to realise that there was little changes concerning the way breads been shared. Now they have provided a clipper that can be used to pick breads.“ But still, these changes are little and a way too late.


Four to ten people sleep in one room. The beds stand close to each other. While there is no fresh air circling. The air conditioner only takes the old air. „The biggest problem is the breathing in the non-ventilated space. And it‘s the breathing how the virus is transmitted“ describes another person.


Also, there is no hand sanitizer. When people come from outside, they can neither wash nor sanitize their hands. „I wash my hands all the time, but I don‘t know if everybody else is doing it.“ says another person. The basic utilities for it are missing.


We do not get any information. Nobody of the staff speaks with us. Nobody approaches us. So we don‘t know their plans. And there are people inside who are not aware of what is going on.“ Amongst them are also elderly people. People who belong together with sick people to the group that is under high-risk of corona-virus.


One demand therefore is: „We demand information on health advice.“ This must be multilingual and easily accessible. The possibility for protection must be given to all – immediately! Hand sanitizer should be put in the entrance area. Moreover, hygienic standards should be well maintained in all areas of the camp, especially those of food and sanitary facilities.

One person closes the description of the current situation by stating: „The worst thing is the main fear. We don‘t feel safe here.“

Following the perspectives of the inhabitants of Lindenstraße, Together-we-are- Bremen shouts out: How can the government justify placing so many people in close contact permanently and without even the basic hygienic requirements that the very same government is advising? Social-distancing is impossible in a place like Lindenstraße! Therefore we strongly demand to take action now! This means:

Shut down the camp in Lindenstraße. The government of Bremen has to create safer living conditions through decentral accomodation. Every empty place in smaller camps should immediately be given to people from Lindenstraße.

To all Bremen people: Stay in solidarity with those people who are especially vulnerable, not only by corona-virus but also through state exclusion. Living in isolated, overcrowded camps, having no access to the regular health care system is a threat to life for the affected people. Now and always.