Es gibt 1000 Mouhameds

Dear friends, on 8.8.22 the Dortmund police department killed Mouhamed Lamine Dramé in the nothern citypart. Mouhamed, who was taking refuge from Senegal, was in a deep psychological crisis.Already two days before, he was seeking help in the psychiatric clinic of the LWL and has been sent home again. The day of his death his advisors in the roominggroup that he was living in were afraid he could harm himself. This was why they called the police. When the police arrived Mouhamed sat in the back of a courtyard. He was no threat to noone. Nevertheless the police decided to storm the back of the courtyard. They attacked Mouhamed with pepperspray. When he stood up they fired with two tasers and a machine gun. Mouhamed died shortly afterwoods in a nearby hospital. The death of Mouhamed shook us all deeply. There has been a remarcable solidarity and claims clear the invents of this day up. Because this death is barely a single case. Since the reunitement of Germany there have been at least 318 deaths in policial interventions. Most of them (f.ex. The death of Oury Jalloh) have not been fully clarified, neither have there been any consequences. In Dortmund the loss of Mouhamed has brought together multiple migrantic and political groups. Together we want to call you on the streets for a noationwide demonstration. The devastating destiny of Mouhamed is just one of thousands. They all merit resolutions and justice.

So join us on the street in remembrance of victims. Let us demonstrate together and strong against the reigning practice of violence of the police. Our solidarity is for those who have lost someone due to policial intervention or are vicitms of police brutality.

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